Say hello to Romans, our new Head of Engineering

Feb 7, 2022

I’m very pleased to announce that Romans Karpelcevs has joined Outfunnel to lead our engineering efforts. We were looking for someone that would help us “grow up as a company” without losing the startup vibe. And Romans’s background, attitude, and smarts were pretty darn close to our ideal. Prior to joining Outfunnel, Romans led Pipedrive’s mobile engineering efforts and gained experience at various companies from small startups to Accenture. He also co-organized DevTernity, one of the largest IT conferences in the Baltics.

In Romans’s own words:

Outfunnel offered me the attitude and the culture I wanted to join and grow. On the very first interview, I saw the spark in the eyes of Andrus—one of the co-founders—which was something I hadn’t seen in a while even in some other earlier-stage companies. This is exactly what I was missing, someone to infect me with the drive to achieve something big.

Going further in the process, I was pleasantly surprised to see the company was not suffering from “teething issues” which meant I could focus on growing the team and the business. This is a much more interesting challenge to me than managing an endless hackathon or putting out fires of constant downtimes.

Third, before this I was leading mobile teams. Now, Outfunnel presented a scary and exciting opportunity to learn a largely unknown tech stack for me. Last but not least, throughout the interviews the engineering team came across supportive and co-operative even before I had joined.

Even with someone like Romans in charge of engineering, there may be (read: there will be) bugs and downtimes but as an Outfunnel customer, you can expect today’s announcement to have a highly positive effect on connecting your sales and marketing data in the future.

Photo of Romans by Polina Soyref

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