Val Geisler is an email marketing conversion copywriter that we happen to love. Or rather, we love her content because we don’t know herself too well at this stage. The point is: Val Geisler is super knowledgable about email marketing, and we like the way she shares her insights and recommendations.

One idea of hers we really like is: email marketing to new users of a product or service is just like planning a dinner party. You wouldn’t want to serve food before you’ve said hello at a dinner party. So why are we often doing this with email marketing?

For example, a host of a dinner party surely wants to offer a main course, but before they do that, they have good reasons to offer an appetizer first. In the context of marketing, this means delivering value before you pitch your product or service.

Here’s a good email marketing “appetizer” indeed:

The Dinner Party Strategy was written for subscription-based services in particular, but I think it applies to almost every business. And you could modify it to fit your funnel: for example, if the first step in your marketing process relates to cold email, the first step is perhaps not a Welcome but an Invite. You get the drift.

Val Geisler has prepared a short 36-slide deck on her Dinner Party Strategy and you can download it for free here. (We also recommend signing up to her email list. Her emails are infrequent, insightful, and bloody well written. Bon appetit!