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Outfunnel unites your sales and marketing data and helps to prioritize your leads. 

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Make all of your marketing and product data visible for sales

Sync sales, marketing and product usage data between all your tools securely and easily

See what leads do on your website with website visitor tracking

Segment and score your leads based on contact and engagement data from all your marketing and sales tools

How Outfunnel turns your sales and marketing data into leads that convert

How is Outfunnel different from generic workflow tools like Zapier?
Outfunnel is purpose-built for sales and marketing workflows, so setup takes minutes not hours. Perhaps more importantly, Outfunnel can create a 360-degree profile of each lead (in your CRM) and put all your sales and marketing data to work for things like lead scoring
How is Outfunnel different from lead scoring in your CRM or marketing tools?

Outfunnel can use data from all your sales and marketing apps as well as product engagement tools while most native lead scoring tools can only access data from within that platform.


businesses have chosen Outfunnel to combine their sales and marketing data in useful ways

"I can see when my prospects opened, clicked, increased lead scores... I just have to pick up the phone then."


Sales Director

"Outfunnel is an elegant and easy-to-use app which has enabled us to build and segment our sales pipeline in Pipedrive using the engagement stats from Mailchimp campaigns."


Marketing Manager

"This tool has been a game changer. From website tracking to email engagement, Outfunnel allows me to quickly identify where my time is best spent."


Business Development Representative



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uplift in lead-to-win conversion rates

less time spent on dead-end leads

What makes Outfunnel different from generic 3rd party integrations tools like Zapier?

Outfunnel is the only integration tool designed for connecting sales and marketing tools.

So, our integrations are both deeper and easier to set up.

What takes hours to set up a with generic data syncing tool can be set up in less than 15 minutes with Outfunnel.

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14-day free trial, no credit card required