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In a perfect world, sales and marketing would work together like two peas in a pod. Alas, we’re not quite there yet.

Find out all about the current state of sales and marketing alignment in this report.

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    Key findings: alignment correlates to revenue increase, yet half report not being well aligned

    Nearly half still not well aligned

    46% of respondents rate the quality of communication between the teams as ‘Poor,’ ‘Fair’ or ‘Good,’ and 45% rate their alignment of goals with the same low-to-average terms.

    Company size plays a role here—SMBs with 51-100 employees are less confident about alignment than smaller and larger subgroups.

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    Alignment & Revenues

    The survey found that revenue growth is 70% more common among companies where sales and marketing cooperate effectively.

    The best form of alignment? When both teams cooperate on strategic and tactical initiatives, like executive buy-in, regular joint meetings and shared KPIs.

    Sales and marketing tools

    36% of respondents rate the usefulness of sales tech and martech tools as poor or average.

    Nearly half of all respondents (47%) agree that these tools would be more useful if they could be easily integrated, and 40% agree they’d be more useful if they would be more affordable.

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    Find out all about the current state of revenue marketing in this report, co-produced by Outfunnel and Copper.