Sync sales and marketing data between apps

Outfunnel was founded by salespeople and marketers. Our data sync keeps contact data up-to-date in all your marketing and sales tools – in a way that’s really useful for fellow marketers and salespeople.

pipedrive and mailchimp integration

Keep contacts in sync so campaigns can start or stop at the right time

  • Subscribe people to the right email lists based on data changes in the CRM 
  • Sync new email subscribers to your CRM
  • Powerful field mapping 
  • Setup that takes minutes not hours

No more manual imports/exports that waste time and increase the risk of human errors or data leakages.

Supported CRM tools:

Supported marketing tools:

Sync email and other marketing engagement into your CRM 

Record email opens, clicks, bounces, and unsubscribes in your CRM, so that:

  • Your sales team has full context about each lead
  • You can use email and web engagement in your lead scoring models
  • You can create sales workflows based on marketing engagement. For example, add a follow-up task when an email bounces
hubspot crm
lead scoring software

Lead form automation

Import contact data from your forms to your CRM instantly with powerful field mapping.

Works with web forms, Facebook and LinkedIn lead forms and Calendly booking forms. Webinar platforms coming soon.

Supported lead forms:

Unite your sales and marketing data 

14-day free trial, no credit card required