Lead scoring software that will identify your warmest leads

Use email and web engagement to highlight qualified leads and surface the data right where your sales team needs it: in your CRM

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Automatically calculate lead scores based on engagement

Use email engagement and web visit data to auto-calculate a lead score for each contact.

Assign custom weights to each engagement event. For example, score visits to high-intent web pages higher.

Choose whether and when scores should reset.

Record lead scores in the CRM so sales have full context

We sync lead scores to the CRM so they are visible on the contact profiles and can be used to trigger workflow automations.

Sales can easily identify hottest opportunities in the CRM and stop wasting time on the wrong leads. 

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Coming soon: predictive lead scoring

Our Predictive Lead Scoring product helps B2B marketers find qualified leads among contacts in your nurturing lists

We analyze data in your CRM account and other sales and marketing apps to build a custom lead scoring model so you can identify your most engaged leads at the right time.

Ready to identify your hot leads?

Works with Salesforce, HubSpot CRM, Copper and Pipedrive.