We’re bringing sales and marketing closer together

No-hassle email marketing, synced with Copper

Send automated campaigns when data changes in Copper: when a tag is added, Customer Type is changed, etc.

Send no-hassle single email campaigns to segments defined in Copper with tags, Contact Types or Lead Statuses

Record email opens, clicks and other email activity back to CRM immediately.

Automate your sales and marketing

14-day free trial. No credit card required.

Website visitor tracking

See which of your leads are visiting your site, and which parts of your site.

Record web visits in Copper, so your sales team has more context.

Lead scoring highlights your hottest opportunities

Use email and web engagement data to auto-calculate a lead score for each contact. 

Easily customize the score for your business and sales process.

Record lead scores in Copper, and design workflows to get to your hottest leads first.

Seamless 2-way Copper and Mailchimp integration

Sync contacts from Copper to Mailchimp audiences 24/7, so you can start new Automation campaigns for new leads. 

Create new Contacts or Leads in Copper when people sign up via Mailchimp forms.

Mailchimp sends, opens, clicks and unsubscribes are recorded in Copper.

Did we already tell you our Copper integration is seamless? 

Use data from Copper to launch automated email sequences or one-off campaigns, and record email and web engagement back to Copper as Activities.

Automate your sales and marketing

Get started in minutes, not days

14-day free trial. No credit card required.