The email marketing tool that drives revenue, not just clicks

Easy email automation is just the start

  • Send automated drips or one-off campaigns to segments defined in Outfunnel or in your CRM
  • Send personal-looking emails for highest deliverability, or use custom HTML for richer looks
  • Build smart workflows to start and stop campaigns based on how people respond to campaigns
  • Optimize sending time of email sequences

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Uniquely powerful CRM integrations

  • Use data from your CRM to start or stop email campaigns — without logging in to Outfunnel.
  • Use custom field data from your CRM to populate merge fields.
  • Record email and web engagement back to the CRM automatically.

Loved by sales teams: Outfunnel is one of the top-rated apps on Pipedrive marketplace and a Copper-recommended integration.

Email marketing power features for sales teams

  • Track email replies in addition to clicks, opens and unsubscribes
  • Change sender details dynamically based on contact owner in your CRM to build those relationships

Built-in web tracking and lead scoring

  • Use email and web engagement data to calculate a customizable lead score for each contact.
  • Get notified when leads visit your site and see what they’re browsing.
  • Sync lead scores to your CRM, and design workflows to get to your hottest leads at the right time

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Better insights for marketers and analysts

  • See new opportunities created or closed for each email campaign
  • Automatically capture lead source information for new contacts
  • See email marketing effectiveness as part of full funnel reporting

Rated 4.9/5 on Capterra

Top-rated app on the Pipedrive Marketplace

Generate revenue, not just clicks

Email marketing that’s in sync with your sales process

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