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Seamless Pipedrive and Mailchimp integration

  1. Mailchimp sends, opens, clicks and unsubscribes are recorded in Pipedrive, so the sales team knows who to call first.
  2. When prospects engage with lead nurturing campaigns, new Deals are created in Pipedrive automatically.
  3. Add Pipedrive contacts or deals to Mailchimp lists without lifting a finger, so you can start new Automation campaigns for new leads.
  4. Use Pipedrive filters to define which contacts are synced to Mailchimp, so you don’t need to worry about exceeding contact limits.

Learn more about Pipedrive and Mailchimp integration

Web visitor tracking, synced to your CRM

  1. See which of your leads are visiting your site, and which parts of your site.
  2. Record web visits in Pipedrive, so your sales team knows who the warmest leads are.
  3. Automatically collect data about lead sources and get insights on which channels are most effective. Coming soon

Learn how to use web tracking

No-hassle email marketing, synced to your CRM

  1. Send email campaigns to any segment defined by your Pipedrive filters. Coming soon
  2. Record email opens, clicks and other email activity to Pipedrive immediately. Coming soon

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