Seamless Nutshell and Smaily integration

Contact syncing that’s designed for sales and marketing workflows


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How our Nutshell-Smaily integration does the heavy-lifting for you:

Sync Nutshell contacts and Smaily lists

Sync all contacts or use Nutshell segments to define which contacts are synced to Smaily, along with Nutshell labels and custom fields.

Send Smaily campaigns out with full confidence that the audiences are up-to-date. Save all the time wasted on managing lists.

Sync email engagement from Smaily to Nutshell so sales has more context

Choose how Smaily email engagement is visible for the sales team in Nutshell and record web visits as an additional lead signal.

Sales can identify hottest leads in Nutshell thanks to automatically recorded Smaily sends, opens and clicks, as well as website visits. No more guesswork.

Create new contacts and deals in Nutshell from Smaily subscriber activity

Sync all new Smaily subscribers to Nutshell as Contacts and create new deals based on email engagement.

Sales won’t miss any opportunities and can strike while the iron is hot.

Our Nutshell and Smaily integration is coming soon

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How our integration stacks up against digital duct tape

Contact syncing

Engagement syncing


Optimized for sales & marketing use cases

Plans start from

Capterra rating

Segment and trigger-based

Easy setup

Customizable while easy-to-use




Complex setup

Customizing gets complex


Limited free option available


Native intergrations

Limited segments and triggers





Complex setup

Customizing gets complex


Limited free option available


Sync contacts 2-way between Nutshell and Smaily

*Doable, but complex

*Full 2-way sync

Sync email engagement from Smaily to Nutshell

*Doable, but really complex

Turn engagement data into actionable input for workflows

Reporting and insights for a complete overview of your sales & marketing successes

Built by salespeople & marketers, for salespeople & marketers

Plans start at
Capterra rating

We’re experts in connecting sales and marketing tools.

Our Smaily to Nutshell integration is coming soon

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