There are sales-ready leads hidden in your marketing data. Would you like to meet them?

Our predictive lead scoring tool helps B2B marketers find qualified leads among existing CRM or marketing contacts

14 day trial – get results in hours, not weeks

We’ll clean, unify and analyse your data

Then, we’ll build you a custom lead scoring model

First qualified leads in hours not weeks

Turn your sales and marketing data into leads 

Outfunnel uses engagement data from your existing sales and marketing apps so you’ll be able to identify sales-ready leads in your marketing “noise”.
Here’s why you’ll love it:
  • Create a scoring model without the guesswork. We’ll tell you which events and signals are relevant for you
  • Give sales context behind a lead score
  • Use data from all of your sales and marketing apps
  • Send timely campaigns to the right leads
  • Model gets better with every new data source
  • Surface MQLs that actually convert
  • Understand the context behind the scores
  • Sync lead scores and context to your CRM, or get notified via email/Slack
  • Create timely and personalised outreach messages

How we’ll help you generate more qualified leads

No-code setup. Easy to get started.

1. Connect your sales and marketing sources

Connect your sales and marketing apps like Salesforce or Mailchimp. We’ll clean and normalize your data.

2. Build a custom predictive lead scoring model

Outfunnel ML algorithms find patterns in your data to create a custom lead scoring model (that gets better with each new source and data point)

3. Get new leads in a way that fits your processes

View and segment new qualified leads. Send lead scores and context to your CRM, or get notified via email or Slack

What’s under the hood

ML-based predictive lead scoring

Outfunnel analyses your historical sales and marketing data to find correlations and turns this into a predictive lead scoring model so you can find your best fit and most engaged leads

Native web tracking

Implement Outfunnel’s web tracking script on your website to get see where your leads come from, which pages they visit and how often they come back.

Powerful integrations

Send lead score to your CRM, marketing automation, communication and ad tools so your sales and marketing teams can close more revenue


The data-based way to score and qualify your leads

Works with Salesforce, HubSpot CRM, Copper and Pipedrive.
No credit card required