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Increase sales productivity by knowing which of your leads are product-qualified and offering full context about product usage right inside the CRM. Perfect for getting started with product-led growth.

pipedrive and mailchimp integration

See usage of key features right inside your CRM

Easily access all your product events and usage traits via Segment or Posthog.

Sync key product usage events and traits to the CRM, so you can trigger the right workflows. 

Offer context about the usage of specific features for salespeople right inside the CRM. 

Build segments of your most (or least) active users

Build segments of your users, using any combination of user or organization events as well as traits.

Use segments for initiating PLG workflows, e.g. opening Deals for the most engaged users in the CRM or initiating specific email sequences for less engaged ones.

hubspot crm
pipedrive and mailchimp integration

Deep integration with your CRM

Deep integrations with CRMs like Pipedrive and HubSpot. (Copper and Salesforce coming soon)

Sync key product usage events as Activities.

Sync product usage traits to custom fields/properties. 

Initiate marketing or sales workflows by creating follow-up Activities, opening Deals, or updating fields/properties. 





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