Update as of early July: we've found a very capable developer, but we'll be looking for another one soon.
Outfunnel is a fresh fast-growing software startup. We have the traction, the funds, the experience and the ambition to build a remarkable marketing tool and a great company.

But there’s a but. We can’t do this unless we find a remarkable:

Software Engineer

We’re looking for someone who:

What we offer:

Andrus Purde

15+ years of global marketing. Skype, Pipedrive, et al

Andris Reinman

10+ years of scalable software. Pipedrive, Nodemailer, Zone, et al

Carl Rannaberg

10+ years of software engineering. Pipedrive, et al

Raul Tammesalu

5+ years of front end engineering. Skype, Lingvist et al

We get back to everyone.