Workflows – take the next best action with each lead

Launch workflows straight inside Outfunnel, or use it to create triggers for your CRM and marketing automation tools. You can also sync leads you’d like to nurture to Custom Audiences to show highly targeted ads.

record activecampaign email engagement in salesforce

Make sure each lead gets the right marketing message

Easily subscribe contacts to the right lists or update tags in your marketing automation tools based on data changes in the CRM. This way everyone receives the right message at the right time, always.

Hand warm leads over to sales the way your team works 

Let Outfunnel keep track of strong engagement signals like email clicks, pricing page visits, and increases in lead scores. Then, auto-create follow-up activities or open new Deals/Opportunities for the right sales rep right inside your CRM.

salesforce facebook custom audiences integration
pipedrive and mailchimp integration

Create triggers for workflow automation in your CRM

Using elaborate workflow automation in your CRM for planning the next action with each lead? Outfunnel can provide the right triggers for following up with leads based on new engagement recorded in your marketing tools: 


  • Create Tasks and Activities 
  • Update content of custom fields/properties 
  • Update labels and tags

Create and update Facebook ad audiences

Automatically create and update Facebook audience segments based on changes in your CRM data, including web behavior, email engagement, and pipeline stage, supporting your sales activities with highly targeted ads.

salesforce facebook custom audiences integration

Unite your sales and marketing data 

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