Run highly targeted ads with our new Facebook/Meta Custom Audiences integration

Aug 8, 2022

As you may already know, we’re all about connecting sales and marketing data (so sales and marketing teams can work more closely together).

We’ve made it effortlessly easy to link up CRMs and email marketing tools as well as connect data from your website to your CRM. The one area of marketing we hadn’t touched in a major way was advertising. Until now, that is.

Most B2B marketers run ads to generate or nurture leads. We’re pleased to announce that it’s now easier to do both with our new Facebook/Meta Custom Audiences integration – available for Pipedrive, HubSpot, and Copper at this stage (with Salesforce coming soon).

What can you do by connecting your CRM with Facebook Custom Audiences

Our newest connection will make it easier to nurture leads in your sales pipeline(s) and to generate new leads with Facebook’s lookalike audiences functionality. More specifically:

  • Sync specific segments from your CRM to a Facebook Custom Audience for lead nurturing. This way you could do extremely well-targeted lead nurturing, for example, show ads to people in your sales pipeline, or in specific stages of your sales pipeline.
  • Easily build lookalike audiences of your best customers to generate new leads. Simply sync the list of your “Won” deals to a Custom Audience and let Meta’s algorithms do their magic in finding similar people to target.
  • Save lots and lots of time. As you’d expect, Outfunnel doesn’t just sync over data once but keeps it up-to-date. If new contacts start matching a segment in your CRM, or if some contacts are not part of a segment anymore, this gets reflected in the respective Custom Audiences. No more importing and exporting csv-files!

How to get started with the Facebook/Meta Custom Audiences integration

Once you’ve signed up to an Outfunnel account, go to Outfunnel > App connector, select your CRM and Facebook Custom Audiences, authenticate the apps, and click on Create connection.

Then you can:

  1. Choose the segment you’d like to sync over to the Custom Audience. (This can a people filter in Pipedrive, a list in HubSpot, or tag, lead status or contact type in Copper).
  2. Choose the Custom Audience you’d like to sync the CRM segment to. Please note the audience would need to be an existing customer list-based audience. You may need to set one up before using Outfunnel to sync contacts there.

Finally, click “Activate” – and you’re done. It may take several hours to first sync the contacts over. And from that point onwards Outfunnel adds any new contacts and removes any excess contacts once every 24 hours.

Read more about using our Facebook Custom Audiences connection

Anything else to keep in mind?

Yes, it’s worth keeping in mind that this integration plays well with our other connections and features:

Our Facebook/Meta Custom Audiences is available for Pipedrive, HubSpot and Copper users immediately, with Salesforce integration to follow shortly. It’s available on Starter and Growth plans, and any contacts synced to a Custom Audience count towards your chosen number of events synced.

Ready to integrate Facebook Custom Audiences with your CRM? Start a 14-day free trial of Outfunnel today and get started in minutes.

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