We’ve raised €1,1M pre-seed to offer revenue marketing automation to SMBs

Sep 16, 2020

So we’ve raised a €1,1M pre-seed round led by byFounders, Paua Ventures, with participation from Lemonade Stand, Omnisend and a group of angel investors, including Bolt co-founders Markus and Martin Villig, Matterport CMO Robin Daniels, entrepreneur and investor Sten Tamkivi and Pipedrive co-founder Ragnar Sass.

We’ll use the funds mostly for hiring and retaining great people, so we can build and offer an ever-improving product.

For those new to Outfunnel: we want to close the gap between marketing and sales with a new category, Revenue Marketing Automation. It is an approach to sales & marketing that aligns the two around the goal of driving revenue, by creating a continuous feedback loop between sales data and marketing data. I know the need for it intimately well from 10+ years in B2B marketing, including 7 years as head of marketing of Pipedrive.

The problem we’re solving? There are a gazillion tools, but SMBs still struggle to unite sales and marketing data and workflows, despite all the tech. We at Outfunnel offer a revenue marketing automation tool that deeply integrates with CRMs and offers features that help sales and marketing work together.

And it’s great to have smart backers join us on this journey. Here’s their take:

Eric Lagier, Managing Partner at byFounders said “When investing, we carefully evaluate the founding team and consider how we can help them move forward. Andrus and his team’s prior experience enabled them to spot a gap in the market that they were uniquely positioned to fill. Leveraging their insight to connect sales and marketing in an affordable and simple way, Outfunnel is building a solid value offering for SMBs.”

Robin Daniels (CMO at Matterport, previously WeWork, SalesForce, LinkedIn executive) said: “The need for sales and marketing integration in B2B is obvious. In fact, there are established tools that solve this for the enterprise market. But these tools are complicated to use, and most SMBs cannot afford them. Andrus and his team at Outfunnel are facilitating SMBs to run revenue marketing with an easy-to-use tool at a fraction of the price.”


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