Say hello to our ActiveCampaign integration

Apr 28, 2021

We’re pleased to uncloak our ActiveCampaign integration today. With the integration you can:

  • Sync contacts and segments from your CRM (Copper, Pipedrive or HubSpot) to ActiveCampaign, along with all the relevant tags, statuses and custom fields (so that campaigns can start or stop automatically).
  • Record email engagement in your CRM so your sales team has full context and can sell smarter.
  • Use our website tracking feature to understand what leads do on your website after clicking on an email or before filling a form.

Some of you probably cheered and are already on their way to sign up for a trial

And some of you are thinking: wait, why is a marketing tool creating a deep integration with … another marketing tool? 

We’re not your typical marketing tool, you see. We like to focus on the place where sales and marketing meet. Or rather, where they should meet. Sales and marketing alignment is still a struggle for nearly half of SMBs and we know that integrations are the most important criteria when selecting tools.

We’ve offered a Mailchimp-CRM integration almost from day one. What started as an early experimental feature is now used by hundreds of companies around the world. And the feedback we often get is “we love how you connect MailChimp to our CRM, I wish you also did this for X, Y and Z marketing tool”.

So now we’re in the process of adding X, Y and Z.

You can take advantage of the deep CRM-to-Active-Campaign integration right away, and we’ll announce more integrations to our App connector (what a clever name, huh?) product soon. Just between us, our next stop is making it super easy to get new leads from your website into your CRM along with the right fields and tracking data.

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