Marketing Automation for Pipedrive: Which Tool for What

Pipedrive is a superb sales CRM but you need to connect to another tool if you’d like to benefit from marketing automation as well. We’ve done the hard work of reviewing many possible options, so it’s easier for you to decide on your stack.

Before we jump in, let’s take a step back and ask: but what is this “marketing automation” that we’re looking for? Techopedia says this:

Marketing automation is the use of software and Web-based services to execute, manage and automate marketing tasks and processes. It replaces manual and repetitive marketing processes with purpose-built software and applications geared toward performance.

This sounds smart, but also seriously generic. Do they mean all marketing tasks and processes? Perhaps we’ll get there with the AI revolution one day but according to our research the main components companies look to automate in 2018 are:

Please note this isn’t an exhaustive list as you can define marketing automation in various ways.

Email marketing automation tools for Pipedrive

Email marketing can be a broad topic, here’s a short list of email features companies are usually looking to get out of marketing automation:

Keeping that in mind, we’ve tested the tools Pipedrive lists on their integrations Marketplace.


Mailchimp doesn’t need an introduction and Pipedrive sports a native integration with this email platform. This lets you easily filter out a specific group of users in the Pipedrive list view and then add that group of leads or customers to a Mailchimp list with the press of a button. Alas, that rather manual feature is all there is, so data is not kept in sync and there is no loopback to Pipedrive ie. if you want to know who opened or clicked, you’d need to visit Mailchimp.

Why we like Mailchimp:

Where it may fall short:


Drip’s native integration with Pipedrive creates new Deals from your Drip subscribers based on the trigger of your choosing. For example, you may want to create a new deal for people that have completed a particular email Campaign or that have opened or clicked specific emails. Drip itself is great for elaborate event-based email sequences, so this tool could be very handy if you have a large list of leads and enough content+ tracking to be able to provide complex email journeys.

The downside is that it’s not trivial to get data from Pipedrive into Drip. You can use Zapier as a duct tape between the services, create a custom integration based on API’s of both products or use a 3rd party syncing tool such as PieSync.

Why we like Drip:

Where it may fall short:


*Top rated marketing automation tool. See all reviews at Pipedrive marketplace.

We’re a marketing automation & insights tool that integrates tightly with Pipedrive. One of our first features is a powerful 2-way Pipedrive-Mailchimp integration.

In addition to the seamless 2-way Pipedrive-Mailchimp integration, we also offer website visitor tracking which is tightly synced to Pipedrive. More to come!

Other email tools*.

Another email automation tool listed in Pipedrive marketplace is ActiveDemand. It looks to do all the right things:

Alas, the tool doesn’t have a free trial available. We think it’s rather important to be able to use a tool without having to go through a sales process and we wouldn’t recommend tools that don’t allow this. The user interface also doesn’t look too promising.

Web tracking/automation tools

According to our research, here are the features marketers most frequently look to set up on the web when it comes to marketing automation:

Our favorite lead capture forms for Pipedrive

Pipedrive’s native web forms

If you’d need a simple web form with minimal integration hassle, you can’t go wrong with Pipedrive’s own web forms.

They’re customizable, robust, integrate directly to Pipedrive and they’re free.


We would have used on our beta signup page, but we wanted a more elegant in-page experience, and we didn’t have a huge amount of coding and design resource available, so after testing six different form builders we went with Paperform.

We love the simplicity and design of Paperform, it’s also quite affordable (we’re using the $15 per month plan).

The only downside is that there is no native integration, so you’d need to send new leads to Pipedrive via Zapier or a comparable 3rd party syncing tool.

Website visitor tracking tools for Pipedrive


Our own website visitor tracking feature gives your sales team the context they need to prioritize leads and to know what to highlight or skip when they’re doing demos.

Once you’ve enabled website visitor tracking, you’ll see who has been to your site, pages visited and the time of visits.

>> Try it out. Start your 14-day free trial now. <<

You’ll see a feed of web visitors when you log into Outfunnel, and you can also set up an automation that records these visits in Pipedrive.

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Written by veiko