Why build another marketing automation tool?

This is one reasonable question. More than 2,500 new marketing tools were created in 2017 alone. We’ve gone from many marketing tools to an unimaginable amount or marketing tools.

 Who needs another marketing automation tool? Lots of small businesses do.

For most SMBs sales and marketing tools and data are in silos. People on both the sales and marketing side have to waste precious time and money to set up desired workflows, connect databases with digital duct tape and manually pull reports.

Our vision is bringing sales and marketing closer together, at least when it comes to tools and data. Fortune5000 can do this today, spending a small fortune on it. But every small business can and should benefit from marketing tools talking to sales tools.

Our enemy: blindfolded (or just lazy) marketing

If sales and marketing tools are not fully connected, it takes too many clicks to make sure that campaigns are sent to the right people. Next thing you know: marketing has turned into spamming.

If sales and marketing tools are not fully connected, you’ll end up with no visibility into results because reports need to be compiled manually from mega-spreadsheets (while cursing heavily).

If sales and marketing tools are not deeply connected, you’ll end up missing opportunities, for example not knowing that a sales lead you spoke to 5 months ago and then went cold has read every product feature page in the last 24 hours.

What we’re building

We’re building a marketing tool that tightly integrates with modern CRM’s like Pipedrive. You can automate email marketing campaigns, track email and website behavior from click to conversion and get insights on which channels and workflows close the most deals. And that’s just the start.

Please note we’ll be building fewer features than many other marketing tools. Sometimes this will mean building a deep integration instead and sometimes this will mean finding novel solutions to problems one would typically solve by building a new view or a feature.

If we do our job well, Outfunnel will help you outsmart and outsell the competition.


Written by Andrus Purde